For me movement is very important. It is essential to the traditional of sushi. My first master - Maruyama san showed me the art of sushi & how every piece of sushi is made by hand. When I make sushi, I am striving for perfection. The best ingredients in the world speak for themselves. I must always try to improve. Sushi making is a never ending journey. From the beginning to the end movement must flow in each piece that is given to a Customer. I love my job teaching and keep learning the art of sushi.

Alon Than

Chef Owner
World Sushi Champion from Tokyo 2015He is a sushi master with 20-years' experience in sushi-making and even though he humbly says one must learn sushi his whole life, his skills were appreciated at the World Sushi Cup. Alon won golden medal and came back to Poland as a World Sushi Champion.Alon - besides traditional sushi, to which he will always stay true, loves culinary experiments. In Izumi restaurants he proposes his own cuisine ideas, joining the Japanese style with different world-wide trends, often using Polish ingredients in his dishes. Culinary success of the Izumi restaurants is mostly his brilliant ideas and a group of excellent sushi masters and chefs co-working with him.
World Sushi Champion - Tokio 2015